Society Directors

Dr. Simon Sutcliffe, MD

Dr. Stuart Brown, MD

Dr. Gillian Fyles, MD

Dr. Fraser Black, MD

Dr. Anne Syme, PhD

Partners (INCTR & Branches)

Collaborating with an International network in cancer leadership.

Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration Foundation is the Canadian branch of The International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR), whose mission is to build capacity for cancer treatment and research through education and training in developing countries.

Established in 1988 by Dr. Ian Magrath, a world leading haemato oncologist (blood cancer specialist), INCTR is an internationally recognized non-governmental organization headquartered in Belgium and is the only international NGO solely dedicated to the global control of cancer.

As the Canadian branch of INCTR, Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration works with the World Health Organization and other national and international organizations to reduce the cancer burden.

Through its network of volunteers Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration and INCTR have medical professionals partnering locally with health care providers in Africa, Asia, and South America.


Affiliated Organizations

  • Mehdi Nawaz Jung Institute of Oncology and Regional Cancer Centre (MNJ)
  • Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society – Hyderabad
  • NAPCare (Nepalese Association Palliative Care)
  • Pallium India
  • St. Mary’s Hospital - Malur
  • NNCTR - Nepali Network for
    Cancer Treatment and Research
  • Victoria Hospice Nepal Twinning Project  (twinning with B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bharatpur, Nepal)
  • Nanaimo Community Hospice Twinning Project & Partners in Compassion (twinning with Bkaktapur Cancer Hospital, Bkaktapur, Nepal)
  • World Health Organization


  • Rix Family Foundation – the Foundation's generous five-year committment includes supporting the leadership of Dr. Gayatri Palat, Director, Department of Palliative Medicine, at MNJ Institute
  • Onni Group – Principal sponsor of the inaugural Two Worlds Cancer Gala in 2014