Palliative care training in Nepal

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Palliative Care training introduced nationally for healthcare providers in Nepal

Mon, 10/07/2013—11:20 — Janelle
Bhaktapur, Nepal – September 2013 – A breakthrough in the recognition of palliative care as a health right in Nepal means healthcare providers can receive government-approved training.

NAPCare (Nepal Association of Palliative Care) in collaboration with the National Health Training Centre of the Ministry of Health introduced a palliative care training program in its training schedule," said Dr. Sudip Shrestha, President NAPCare.

This milestone celebrated in September was the culmination of efforts by NAPCare , supported and encouraged by Two Worlds Cancer volunteers, Drs. Robin Love, Stuart Brown, Fraser Black, Max Watson, Simon Sutcliffe and Doug Ennals. This  built upon earlier collaborative programs with Two Worlds Cancer, the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR), and the Nepali Ministry of Health to build the country's national palliative and cancer control strategies.

Dr. Dan Munday, affiliated with Two Worlds Cancer and INCTR through the University of Warwick, UK, assisted with the training. Dr. Munday said that 19 nurses, one clinical medical assistant and one doctor were introduced to the palliative care training with a problem-solving approach.

"it has been useful visiting them at the hospice when they have had their practical weeks. And discussing patients and getting them to explore the holistic issues which patients and their families have and the possible approaches to finding solutions," he said.


Source: Dr. Sudip Shrestha, President NAPCare, and Two Worlds Cancer eNews