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Two Worlds Cancer team shares its collaborative experience with the International cancer care community

Thu, 11/07/2013—09:34 — Julia
Lima Peru -- November  2013 -- Dr. Gayatri Palat is 17,000 km from her patients in Hyderabad, India but her patients are very much at the the centre of the 5th International Cancer Control Congress (ICCC5) in Lima, Peru.

Dr. Palat, Two World Cancer's Director Palliative Access (PAX) —India, delivered a an address to workshop participants highlighting the care provided at MNJ Institute in Hyderabad—Integrating Palliative Care into a Comprehensive Oncology Service in a Tertiary Hospital—An Indian Experience.

Two Worlds Cancer President Simon Sutcliffe delivered the opening remarks at ICCC5 in his role as Chair of the International Steering Committee and International Scientific Committee, ICCC5. 

Two Worlds Cancer —Director PAX, Dr. Gillian Fyles co-lead the Iccc5 workshop Building Palliative Care with Dr. Gaspar Da Costa from Pananma. And Two Worlds Cancer nurse volunteer Zahra Lalani shared Two Worlds Cancer's collaborative experience with the MNJ programs at the international congress, November 2-6.