You helped so many people in 2015: Our report and thanks to donor

Through your generous donations Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration (2WCC) has developed significant collaborations in India and Nepal. The last two years, Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration has seen an increase in income through donor generosity. Total donor income in 2015 was $121,911. Income comes from our individual donors, patrons and foundations. And significantly, 2WCC has benefited from the generosity of individual patrons who have chosen this organization for their principal charitable donations. Individual donors provided 34% of 2WCC funding.

Read more in “REPORTAGE: 2015 Report to Donors"

Our leader Dr. Simon Sutcliffe remarks on the year:

"No one disputes that trying to improve healthcare for those in resource-constrained countries is worthy. The real challenge is how to make an impact as a welcomed, respected and trusted partner. For Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration this means: collaborating with mutual respect and trust; encouraging local sustainability – not simply providing foreign aid; and building both program capacity and the relationships within which programs thrive. … A gratifying experience was seeing first hand community health workers addressing the real concerns of everyday life for families impacted by cancer – pain relief, family support and legal assistance…”

Thank you to all of you who have contributed time and money to 2WCC. We look forward to growing this special group of like minded people in 2016 and beyond.