Looking for a gift idea and want to support a good cause? Dhaal-icious: Indian Meals From My Kitchen to Yours

The full proceeds from registered dietitian Satnam Sekhon ’s cookbook, Dhaal-icious: Indian Meals From My Kitchen to Yours, are being donated to TWO WORLDS Cancer Collaboration.

The cookbook draws on authentic recipes from her family’s kitchen. Complete with nutrition facts, the more than 100 recipes are easy to follow and delicious.

“It was a vehicle to bring together my core belief in volunteering, being able to use my professional skills and to share my family recipes. I’m most proud that not a single penny has gone into the cost of the book and that 100% of the funds are being donated to a good cause.” Sekhon says.

Sekhon assembled an all-volunteer team to provide nutrition information, photography and graphic design. And she chose TWO WORLDS Cancer Collaboration to be the charitable organization she would donate all the proceeds to.

“I was impressed that it is very much grassroots, community driven, with healthcare professionals volunteering their time and skills. And funds are being distributed in a part of the world where it’s really needed. It also made sense as I have worked in cancer care my whole career, and TWO WORLDS Cancer Collaboration provides help for cancer patients in India – it all seemed to fit together,” the Vancouver-based dietitian says.

Priced at $30, all the proceeds from cookbook sales are being donated to TWO WORLDS
Cancer Collaboration – sponsors Agrocorp International and the International Cancer Control Congress Association covered the full cost of printing.

Almost half the 700 books printed have already been sold.

“I expected people would be buying them for themselves but they are giving them to their adult children, as hostess gifts, thank you presents, employee incentive prizes – I think because it has such a ‘good feel’ to it,” she adds.

To order cookbooks and support TWO WORLDS Cancer Collaboration please email: