Gathering the Forces

Taking action to prevent suffering and death from cancer has often been likened to a major war, the outcome of which will determine the security of the state.  It is the field on which life or death is determined and the road which leads to survival or ruin.  Therefore the relative strengths of the two sides must be examined with the greatest care.  The outcome will be determined by the wisdom, humanity, integrity and courage of the leaders, the morale that is created in the people by mutual beliefs and trust, the quality of the training given to the army and the degree to which the troops adhere to the orders given.  The wise General will avoid confrontation whenever possible, but if war is unavoidable, he deploys his forces in a manner which maximizes their security while ensuring their ability to engage the enemy when necessary.  He regards victory as that which permits a period of peace and happiness for all.  Loosely adapted from Sun-Tzu's work, "The Art of War''

Expanding INCTR's Membership

Sun-Tzu's famous work, written some 2,000 years ago, although treating of war, has been used as a guide to business, sport, diplomacy and even the mental development of the individual. But a strategy is of no value without an army to implement it and to do so with the highest level of precision possible (see News Item linked to this NewsFlash.)  We are, therefore, refurbishing INCTR's membership program.  INCTR INVITES ALL PAST MEMBERS TO RENEW THEIR MEMBERSHIP AND ALL WHO HAVE EXPRESSED AN INTEREST IN MEMBERSHIP VIA  CANCER CONTROL TO APPLY.  We are building an INCTR members website which will enable members to communicate more easily with other members and with INCTR. For information on renewal/application for INCTR Membership, go to INCTR Membership (main website)

Cancer Control 2015 - JUST DAYS AWAY!

Cancer Control 2015 will be published before the end of the month.  We are gradually expanding its circulation, and plan to increase the opportunities provided by the publication for interaction with other INCTR members, wherever they may be, as well as with other organizations involved in various aspects of cancer control.   Are there topics you'd like to propose - suggestions regarding authors or comments on an issue raised in the journal?  If so, we'd we'd like to hear from you.  We hope you enjoy this next edition - we were very pleased with the quality of this year's articles.  Non-members may register for a free copy of Cancer Control 2015 - please let others know of its existence - e.g., by sending them a copy of this NewsFlash and the link to

INCTR US Branch Elects a New President

INCTR is pleased to announce that the governing board of INCTR USA has appointed a well known oncologist, Elmer Huerta, to lead the US Branch.  Dr Huerta has a special interest in cancer control with a particular interest in cancer prevention - an area that has not previously been a major focus of INCTR.  Dr Huerta's task in taking over the reigns of INCTR USA will be greatly simplified by Dr Raj Shah, INCTR USA's outgoing president, who has completed a full administrative restructuring of the branch, including appointment of a new advisory board.   Detailed discussions with Dr Huerta are planned for the coming weeks.  Dr Huerta's biographical information can be found by clicking here

Presentation at Lugano Conference

In June , the 13th International Conference on Lymphomas took place in Lugano.  Dr Valeria Calbi, who is coordinating INCTR's project on the treatment of Burkitt lymphoma at St Mary's Hospital, Lacor, Uganda, presented the results of the study at St Mary's.  The results are truly excellent for Africa and have inspired many Africans to come forward and help their hospitals better provide for their patients.  The Lacor team are now focusing on early diagnosis and will test alternating regimen in an attempting to improve the results still further. For more information click here