Kumudini Devi Palliative Care Centre celebrates four months of hospice care

Hyderabad, India -- November  2013 -- The hospice at the Kumudini Devi Palliative Care Centre has cared for 113 cancer patients since opening with the care of 3 patients in July 2013.

The centre has helped a significant number of patients living with the incurable diseases and suffering with pain and other symptoms, said DR. B.V. Manjula, Palliative Care Specialist and Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society president in Hyderabad.

The inpatient centre has 25 beds. On average there are 20-22 patients daily  Since opening, the hospice staff and volunteers have provided end-of-life care for 38 patients and palliative care for 117. Sixty-nine in patients have received pain care and have returned home.

“There have been many grateful families which we could reach out to and support during and after the end of  life of their loved ones,” DR. B.V. Manjula said

He added, “We look forward to the continued support from all of you”.


Source: Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society, Hyderabad